Pimp My Event Consulting's History

Pimp My Event Consulting is born from the initiative of a Woman, Laure, animated by the Passion for the Organization of Events, that is of those pleasant, intense and important convivial moments that mark the life of each of us.

Pimp My Event Consulting takes care of all the events related to classic ceremonies such as Baptism, Communion, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Marriage, Funeral and the most popular ones such as Birthday for the Children, Teenagers, Young Adults and Adults; Engagement; Marriage proposal; Farewell to Celibacy and Coming Out; all those celebrating the classic and timeless calendar events such as Valentine's Day, Candlemas and Carnival, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, St. Nicholas and finally the most beloved party for Italian children, the Befana.

And not only!
In fact, in our constantly evolving culture new forms of celebration of important goals are always born, both for the life of the Individual and for the Community:

for some years now also the delicate moment of Divorce and Separation, both after a Marriage and after a long-lasting Relationship, has become another occasion for meeting with friends and relatives to celebrate the solemn opening of a new chapter of Life;

in addition to celebrating the birth of a baby, in the sweet wait the next birth is celebrated with the Baby Shower, just as one can not miss the opportunity to huddle around the Joy of New-Parents and Children with the Adoption Party;

the High School finish line is celebrated with the Baccalaureate Party, that of the University with the Master Degree, Specialization and Doctorate Party;


also the Companies have taken the benefit of bringing together their Human Resources around key events: the Inauguration; the Vernissage; the Company's Anniversary; the Performance Trip; the Corporate Parties, opportunities to feel professionally united and congratulate each other, such as the Parties for the achievement of common Business Objectives;

not to mention the most recent and new opportunities for meetings and celebrations: Theme Parties; Pride Party; Speed ​​Dating; Secret EventsMove and House-Warming Party (the so-called Crémaillère); celebrations for the achievement of autonomy, such as the Driving License Party, or for the achievement of a personal goal, such as the Diet Party; the Non-Alcoholic Party; Meeting Parties with the "Old" of High School or University or Work Companions; the Good Summer Holidays Party; International Parties, such as the Erasmus Party, the Friendship Party, the Interregional Kitchen Party, the Conversation Party to share their life experiences in a foreign language;

also the relationship with the pet has undergone a profound evolution and today we do not miss the opportunity to thank the faithful Companion of his unconditional Affection with the Pets Party, and even with the Pets Funeral Party;

furthermore Pimp My Event Consulting organizes thematic meetings conducted: by a psychologist as, for example only, the "Katharsis Point" dedicated to Separati and Newly Divorced, and the "Pandora Kiss" dedicated to Sexology; by an Astrologer / Fortuneteller for the appointment with Your Future called "Paper and Glass".

For these and any other important event in your life, Pimp My Event Consulting aims to take care of and organize your Celebration Party to perfection and to the smallest detail, providing Creativity, Passion, Fantasy, Accuracy as well as Reliability and Expertise so that the Your event is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Relying on Pimp My Event Consulting, you are assured of an event created and tailored for you, perfectly in tune with your needs and desires, which I will carefully listen to, analyze and finally implement.

With Pimp My Event Consulting at your side, finally without runs and without stress, you can spend your party with serenity and satisfaction with your loved ones!

"We don't create Events, we create Dreams!"