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Dario, Graphic & Web Designer of Florence, passionate about Vintage Cars and Cinema!

Dario imported the DeLorean from the USA in 2010 and after having restored it, he started to propose it for events and weddings!

The DeLorean always receives a lot of success, it is constantly at the center of attention and being able to travel is a unique experience !!

Pimp My Event Consulting is particularly excited to be able to put Dario's legendary and unforgettable DeLorean at your disposal!

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Vintage Van Firenze

Vintage Car

Vintage Van Firenze: a journey through time to the sound of "Peace and Love"!

Vintage Van Firenze was born in 2015 as a rental of vintage buses in Tuscany, from Leandro.

A graduate in educational sciences and specializing in pedagogical sciences at the University of Florence with a master's degree in active education, Leandro has been working in the educational field for over 15 years and works as a volunteer in various associations at regional and national level.

Beyond the educational passion, Leandro loves the Vintage and everything related to it. The creation of Vintage Van Firenze stems from this premise. With the fabulous hippie minibus of the 60s, called "La Flaca", he offers rental services with driver, with regular NCC license. Over the years he has developed various types of vintage experience to offer an increasingly exclusive and personalized service.

Pimp My Event Consulting is pleased to offer you "La Flaca" Vintage Van Firenze of Leandro to accompany you during your event, be it a bachelorette party, a wedding, a divorce party, a birthday party or a theme party, a team building or simply to enjoy a tour in Florence aboard the legendary van hippie!