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Flowers Shop

Antica Bottega dei Fiori

"Shop and meeting place too!

Opened in 1935, Antica Bottega dei Fiori has moved from the first owners to the cousin Alessandra Capigatti who has been running the business since 2002. "Whoever comes here does so to buy plants and floral decorations, of course, but also to talk a little with me. "All this without detracting from the professionalism of the service that offers deliveries all over the city and in the world, plants and flowers of all kinds, themed objects, small furnishing accessories and personalized decorations for weddings, parties and ceremonies." (Lisa Ciardi - La Nazione)

The Historicity of the Bottega di Quartiere and Alessandra's Passion for His Craft have meant that Pimp My Event Consulting turned to the Antica Bottega dei Fiori to accompany your ceremonies!

Logo Antica Bottega dei Fiori

Flowers Shop

Fiorista Fiorditesta

Fiorditesta: passion and love for the flower helps to grow and improve!

After earning a diploma in Agricultural Studies, attending florist courses and working in one of the most fashionable shops in Florence, Melania Maleci opened Fioriditesta in 2000.

Their priority has always been the quality of the products, the freshness of the flowers. I am always looking for particular objects that can be combined with flowers and plants. They produce fittings for shops and shop windows. They design and create weddings following the spouses step by step, taking care of every detail.

Pimp My Event Consulting is pleased to offer you Fiorditesta with whom to create and process bouquets, set-ups and everything that comes into your head!