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Balloon Team Italia

Firenze Mongolfiere / Hot-Air Balloons

Balloon Team Italia

Airline for all purposes, holders of regular licenses issued by the National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) and part of the large group of Balloon Team Italia s.r.l ..

Since 1990 Florence Mongolfiere organizes flights with aerostatic balloons, more commonly called "hot-air balloons".

With free flight with passenger transport, they discover one of the most beautiful regions in the world, Tuscany, from a totally new point of view. The slow flow of the balloon allows you to see the animals running at dawn, the red roofs of the surrounding countries and the most famous Chianti vineyards.
The bound flight is a particular mode of use of the hot-air balloon that allows you to experience the emotion of the flight to many people in a short time. In this context, the balloon is anchored to the ground with special ropes to make controlled ascents with the support of the Pilot. In this way it is possible to allow the public to get on board and enjoy the breathtaking view and the suggestive view from above. It is suitable for everyone, adults and children of all ages, a way like any other to make people want to fly freely.
With the Night Glow, you can experience night shows with hot air balloons to the rhythm of music.

Pimp My Event Consulting is pleased to count Florence Mongolfiere among its Collaborators and to be able to propose You this Extraordinary Experience to enjoy in group, in exclusive or in team building company!


Ceramist Artist

M. G. Design


The M. G. Design art studio exhibits original and elegant

hand-painted ceramics in bright and joyful colors.

Originally from Puglia, in the south of Italy, Maria Giovanna Cimino has been working the art of ceramics in pictorial style for over 25 years. Since her childhood, she had a deep passion for painting that she cultivated and applied to ceramics, mastering the secrets of this profession and becoming an expert in mixing colors. In fact, she approaches the art of ceramics from the young age of 16, starting in various workshops where she learned the technique. In 1996, she succeeded in fulfilling her dream of creating her own designs in a studio in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, Florence.

In her creations inspired by the Tuscan landscape and her southern earthy poppies, bright flowers, vineyards, olive trees and country views are among her favorite scenes that she paints on trays, plates, bowls, vases, jugs and other kitchen utensils and objects for your table. All these items are lead-free and dishwasher safe.

Although it seems to be of traditional inspiration, the art of Maria Giovanna is not the classic ceramic: she was born as a painter and her works are like so many paintings painted on ceramic then baked directly in her studio. Which is why each creation is unique and unrepeatable.

Pimp My Event Consulting is pleased to offer you the M. G. Design art studio for a splendid gift and souvenir, a unique and artisan piece from Florence.


Modena Racing Team

Modena Kart Store

ModenaKartStore MAIL.jpg

The Modena Kart Sports Association was founded in 2001 thanks to the passion of the Finocchi brothers,
Gabriele and Gionata, with the mission of prevailing in competitions in the world of karting.

The Modena Kart Team immediately distinguished itself first in Tuscany and then nationally and internationally by participating in the most important and qualified events in the sector. Since 2003, Modena Kart becomes the exclusive dealer of the CRG s.p.a. with whom he collaborates in major official competitions and tests. CRG is a leading brand in the sector, manufacturer of racing frames and holder of a palmares rich in as many as 45 world titles and 48 European CIK-FIA titles.

Over the years, Modena Kart has achieved increasingly important results thanks to an exclusive service, performing and professionally prepared vehicles, in close contact with the CRG Racing Team. On the motoring front, Modena Kart makes use of professional trainers who use the latest specifications to guarantee the highest performance to the driver.

Last year the press review saw the presence of numerous articles on the following titles: Corriere dello Sport, Gazzetta dello Sport, Autosprint, Vroom, etc. and television shows for a total of 220 hours on the following networks: Rai sport, Sky sport, Nuvolari, Sporitalia, Automototv, as well as in streaming.

Pilots categories and age: 60 Mini from 8 to 12 years; Junior from 12 to 15 years; Senior (including OK and KZ2) for 14 years; KZN Under from 15 to 35 years; KZN Over for 36 years.

Pimp My Event Consulting is proud that Modena Kart has agreed to put their tracks, their karts and their High Professionalism at the service of your entertainment and ... may the Best win!


The Room of Anger

Rage Monkey

The Rage Monkey allows you to give vent to all forms of anger and frustration!

With 3 equipped and soundproofed rooms, a set of objects to destroy and, of your choice, a golf club or a baseball bat and much more, a complete accident prevention equipment that allows you to release the accumulated stress in total safety, listening to the your favorite music at full blast ...

At Rage Monkey you can let loose on 3 different possible scenarios, you will be the one to choose your favorite. At the end we will deliver the video of the experience.

Pimp My Event Consulting is very happy to count the Rage Monkey among its collaborators: difficult day, separation, divorce but also team building, bachelorette / celibacy party, birthday, etc ... all opportunities are good to enjoy this moment of total liberation!


Circolo Golf Ugolino

Golf Club

On the hills at the gates of Chianti, the glorious Ugolino Golf Club
since 1934 it represents the Golf in Florence!

In Italy the practice of the game of Golf began in Florence in 1889 thanks to the large English colony that built an 18-hole course on the land of the Demidoff Princes north of the city. The English Cecil Blandford and the Irishman Peter Gannon have designed a beautiful 18-hole course perfectly integrated with the soft hills of the Via Chiantigiana, covered with vineyards and olive groves where the air smells of maritime pines and brooms. The route is not long but very technical and those who play there immediately realize that the natural features of the place, the wood, the olive trees, the fruit trees, the small greens well protected by the bunkers and the sloping fairways make it very pleasant but also challenging.

The clubhouse and swimming pool of the Circolo Golf Ugolino is an example of "rationalist" architecture of the 1930s by the architect Gherardo Bosio, a well-known urbanist of the fascist period and the building is under the protection of the Superintendency for Cultural and Environmental from Florence. The restaurant is on the first floor of the Club House, it is very bright and has a fully equipped kitchen. Management is entrusted to the Florentia Golf Company of the brothers Carmine, Grazia and Maria Scotto di Perrotolo with Chef Stefano Mancini, assisted by the very kind Sara.

Playing at Ugolino is not only practicing golf but is an unforgettable experience that immerses the player in a hilly landscape of rare sweetness, exciting and engaging. The writer Chris Santella included him in his book among the "Fifty places to play golf before you die" (the 50 golf courses where you have to play before you die!).

Pimp My Event Consulting is pleased to offer you the Ugolino Golf Club, a combination of sport and relaxation, to be enjoyed alone, among friends, colleagues or in team building!