"We don't create Events, we create Dreams!"

Making Dreams Come True

I was born in France where I graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and where I started a university career as a Linguist and Jurist. To complete this course, I move first to Spain and then arrive in Italy where I am living permanently since years.

In Florence, I became a Translator-Interpreter registered with the Court of Florence, the French Embassy in Rome and the French Consulate in Florence. I join the teaching staff of numerous public and private schools as Teacher and Reader of French. I work as a tax advisor for the disabled. I do the practice law and prepare the State exam for Lawyer. Fascinated by the languages ​​and having the talent for contact with people, whatever their nationality, for the past years I am managing two tourist facilities for which clients I plan even-Italian gathering evenings.

I devote myself to the in-depth study of the Event Planner, earning a Master of High Professional Training in Event Organization, a Wedding Planning and Management Qualification and a Certification for passing an Event Organizer Course, thus becoming a Wedding Planner and Professional Event Planner.

At the same time, I successfully follow a course in Communication, Marketing and Advertising.

Finally I can dedicate myself to my Passion for Creating and Organizing Events: this is how Pimp My Event Consulting is born and the opportunity to transform Dreams into Reality!

             Laure Maréchal       
Corso di Comunicazione, Marketing e Pubb
Alta Formazione Professionale in Organiz
Event Organizer Course
Corso di Wedding planning & Management
Corso Organizzazione di Eventi

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Choose the Professionals to work with or with whom "work together" should never be underestimated or taken lightly.

Which is why I surround myself exclusively with Collaborators who meet Excellence criteria so as to be able to assure You of impeccable Performance and an Event at the Height of Your Dreams!