Pimp My Event Consulting

Pimp My Event Consulting is an Event Creation, Organization and Marketing agency that operates in Florence and Siena and provinces.

We are in the start-up phase and at the moment over 60 industry professionals have become our collaborators: luxury locations, restaurants, catering, florists, hairdressers, make-up artists, animators for children, baby-sitters, animators for adults, etc ..
We have set up within
Pimp My Event Consulting a Music Agency and a Photo-Videographic Agency capable of responding to every need.


The "Event Organization" part of Pimp My Event Consulting accompanies the client in the elaboration and realization of the event of his dreams that it is a birthday party, a company party, a wedding, a divorce party, a party themed, etc ..

In the "Creation of Events" part, Pimp My Event Consulting designs and offers the public a wide range of events: from speed dating (meeting nights) to the seminar conducted by a psychologist.
Pimp My Event Consulting we have created a special line dedicated to Secret Events or events with an unknown factor that may be related to the location, the type of event (aperitif, exhibition, exhibition, concert) or to the chef or artist , and that is revealed three days before the date of the event. We can of course organize a Secret Event upon request.

We also designed another type of event, called "Romantic Getaway", aimed at couples who want to find themselves, without children and without cell phones, the time for a candlelit dinner in an exclusive location. We can certainly organize a Romantic Escape tailored for those who want to amaze their sweetheart, fall in love (again) or take the opportunity to make THE proposal.

Pimp My Event Consulting offers a Marketing and Animation consultancy service so that your Event will make your Business grow: thanks to our Marketing skills and the wide range of resources of our Musical Agency and Photo & Video Agency and our Team Animation, we are able to offer you a program designed and tailored for you.

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Professionalism, seriousness, competence, precision support our creativity and our passion for the "Event" universe.

I am Laure Maréchal.
Wedding planner, Divorce Party planner, Event planner.
Founder and creative director of Pimp My Event Consulting.

"We don't create Events, we create Dreams!"