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Sara Marconcini Bellydancer

Belly Dancer

With Sara Marconcini Bellydancer, the East and the West get married in an artistic dance!

Sara Marconcini, born in Florence in 1979, began her entry into the world of Egyptian dance in 2001 as part of the company "Le Danzatrici di Iside" until December 2007. Over the years of study she improved by participating in internships with the best Masters. She attended the teacher training course and in May 2006 he obtained the Diploma of Technical and Dance Instructor FIDS, graduating finally in the prestigious Egyptian Dance Academy directed by the Egyptian Master Wael Mansour.

From January 2006 she teaches in Florence and organizes thematic workshops, as a teacher, also with the collaboration of artists and musicians in Italy. Guest of numerous oriental dance festivals in Italy and abroad she performs in restaurants, theaters, private events and in the context of public events and cultural events.

From 2007 to 2017 she danced every weekend at the Lebanese restaurant "Valle dei Cedri" in Florence.

Founder and artistic director of the Compagnia Mashati, composed of some of her advanced students, she collaborates with the greatest musicians both in shows and in lessons.

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The Florentine Renaissance Group

Entertainment in Vintage Costume

The Florentine Renaissance Group or how to relive the Corte De' Medici!

Dance in the Renaissance was an integral part of popular life but above all in the great noble courts for which it became a moment of social entertainment and a form of exhibition of pomp and power.

During court parties plots were plotted, alliances were formed, love blossomed: initially only the guests were invited to court, ladies and gentlemen, that is amateur dancers, but soon the fashion to show off professional dancers was developing.

The Florentine Renaissance Group wants to revive the same atmospheres and emotions that were breathed in the Florentine courts at the time of De 'Medici. All of course with the costumes of the time.

The Florentine Renaissance Group is composed of three musicians: Harp, Flute, Soprano with Percussion, two pairs of dancers and a court jester. A singularity of the show is the involvement of the audience in the hall, so that the spectator - being involved in dances and games - will also become the protagonist himself!

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